Treble Victor Group Membership

Given our mission, membership to Treble Victor Group is restricted to those who have done military service.   If you have served in the military, there are two (2) ways to join the group.

If you know an existing member of the group, that member may sponsor you as a member of the group.   You should complete the membership application form and indicate who the member of Treble Victor Group is, that is sponsoring you.

If you do not know any members of the group, you may complete the membership application form.   You will be asked to meet 2 existing members of the Group and if both members are in agreement, you will be invited to attend an event to meet other members of Treble Victor Group.   You will be advised that you have been accepted into Treble Victor Group and will pay the one-time initiation fee and the annual membership dues (pro-rated).

Apply for Membership

Membership Rates

Active Honorary
Prior military service -
Only offered by Board Members -
Part of the 3V Network (incl. Linkedin)
Participation in all 3V Events
Access to Member Area of 3V Website -
"Event Support" if you are OPI for the event -
Unique 3V Lapel Pin
Voting privileges at Annual General Meeting -
Access to other 'affiliated' networks
Permitted to Sponsor potential members -
One-Time Initiation Fee $100 0
Annual Membership Dues $120* 0
*Pro-rated quarterly